Hello! Thanks for stopping by my new blog page.

For some time, several people have been encouraging me to start a blog and keep assuring me they will read it! Well y’all here it is!

My excuse before was I didn’t have time because of my full-time job as Group Ministry Director at Montgomery Community Church. I officially retired a few months ago so I guess that is no longer a valid excuse.

After spending time resting, catching up on my reading, going on vacation, and reorganizing like crazy, I have finally established a new routine for myself. I sleep late, love spending more time with my hubby Tom and have gotten quite proficient at going to lunch with my friends. For the first time in my life, I am cutting myself some serious slack and it feels wonderful!

I now have more time to devote to my speaking ministry about living a Life in Balance. I have been speaking for a few years, but am very excited about finally having an official website www.agnesspurlock.com and posting on this Simple Everyday Life blog.

When I do my presentations women are always asking me for additional ways they can reduce clutter and get better organized. Although, I look forward to writing about a wide variety of topics, I promise to share tips and shortcuts to help you organize your “space” so there is more time and energy for the people and things that matter most to you.

 Please feel free to leave me comments. I would love to hear from you!




About Agnes Spurlock

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and perspectives about the simple, everyday life. I truly believe that the ordinary days are where we find the real joy in our lives. Make every day count!
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12 Responses to Hello!

  1. Sherry says:

    Whoo hoooooo! Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Ann Cottongim says:

    I’m saving you under “My Favorites” Ag. I know your blog will be great to read. I could use a lot of organization in my personal and work life. You are hired!

  3. skimhenson says:

    I’m so glad you’re here. And happy I am also – I can tell I’m going to enjoy and learn a lot by hanging around this blog.

    I tried to subscribe but so far it won’t let me. Let’s see if I can figure this out.

  4. Judith Logan Anthony says:

    Simplicity. Go Agnes. Tell James “good job.” :). I’m next!

  5. Sandy Burnett says:

    Agnes, if it weren’t for you having a blog I wouldn’t be finding out what a blog is. This is great! Every women needs a life in balance and I look forward to reading the rest of your blogs. Sandy

    • So nice to hear from you Sandy. My daughter Sherry has been writing a blog for almost ten years. Her encouragement finally got me to start writing my own. I’m glad you like it! Take care.

  6. Sue Fiorito Brewington says:

    I found you on my own. I have a lot of blanks in my computer knowledge. Good luck and I will try to learn more from your newest adventure.

    • Good for you Sue. Practice makes perfect, right? I am sort of self-taught on the computer with lots of help from Sherry & Stacy. I will be posting all of my blogs on FB which will make them easier to find. Thanks for the good wishes!

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