Priceless Gifts

Stacy, Agnes, Sherry 1984

Over the years, I have given my daughters some pretty awesome gifts; some I would like to think have been quite creative. But, yesterday I may have finally hit the pinnacle when I treated them to tickets for the first national tour of the Tony Award nominated smash-hit musical ROCK OF AGES at the Aronoff Center in downtown Cincinnati.  

Rock of Ages is a show built around established hits from 1980’s rock groups including Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Twisted Sister, Foreigner, Pat Benatar, Whitesnake and more. I recognized most of the songs because they used to blare from Sherry and Stacy’s bedrooms during their high school years.

The show centers on two people, Drew and Sherrie as they live and work on the Hollywood Sunset Strip with dreams of making it big. An on-stage band provided the music and the cast, which featured American Idol star Constantine Maroulis, were all incredible. The music was very loud; the lights very bright and the smoke machines made my eyes water.

Yesterday was about giving my daughters a fun afternoon away from their busy and hectic everyday schedules. The only disappointment was we didn’t get our pretend lighters to wave in the air, but it was a fun escape for a few hours.

Price of the tickets: Probably way too much money!

Parking: An unbelievable $10!

Seeing my daughters’ laugh, sing and revisit the music of their era: PRICELESS!


Ending on a Positive Note:  I love musical theater and truly enjoyed the show, but my real joy came from just spending the afternoon with my daughters. That is always special and memorable to me.  



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2 Responses to Priceless Gifts

  1. Stacy Shepherd says:

    Mom, had a great time…nice to spend time with someone I love!! Thanks again for the awesome afternoon!!

  2. Love you too! Glad you enjoyed the show!

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