Fall Cleaning

Gratitude Journal – Day Thirteen

Fall cleaning teaches us that the joy of cleaning is not just about organizing our homes, but also donating the things we don’t need anymore. I am a firm believer that by clearing out excess we make room for abundance. When we let go of the old, we open the door to receive the new.

Whenever we clean out a closet we should do so with a happy heart; knowing that every item of clothing and each pair of shoes is going to be put to good use. There is no need to waste time trying to decide whether or not to give up that “practically new” sweater we never wear or that warm coat we haven’t worn in over two years.

Many of us have more stuff than we know what to do with. Instead of keeping it around, why not donate it for someone else to use. It can be incredibly liberating to simplify one’s life by passing on things that aren’t used (or needed) to others! Anyone up for a little fall cleaning?

Ending on a Positive Note: I am grateful for the new awareness that comes with getting older. Knowledge that a little “fall cleaning” can help clear away the excess and take us to simplicity and true abundance in life.


About Agnes Spurlock

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and perspectives about the simple, everyday life. I truly believe that the ordinary days are where we find the real joy in our lives. Make every day count!
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