The Nutcracker

Snow Fairy

Gratitude Journal – Day Fourteen

Last night our family attended a production of The Nutcracker; the most famous ballet in the world. Anyone who knows my husband or my son-in-law is probably saying, “Tom and Tim at the ballet — don’t think so!” Well, it’s true. Maybe I need to confess that this production was local and included my granddaughter in the cast.   

Jessica didn’t have a starring role, but my eyes followed her every moment when she was on stage. I’m sure that every other proud grandma in the auditorium felt exactly as I did  (about their grandchild). Which makes one wonder if any of us really saw the whole production?

Jessica did a great job as a party guest, a mouse, a snow flake and she and four other little girls were fantastic performing choreography of twirling and jumping through hula hoops. I was so proud of her!  

Kudos, flowers and a nutcracker!

This holiday tradition filled with dancing snowflakes, waltzing flowers, belligerent mice, dancing toy soldiers, and of course little Clara and her cherished Nutcracker was a HIT! After practicing for months, the finale included over sixty kids of all ages, shapes and sizes taking their well deserved bows; beaming because their big evening had been a blast!

Ending on a Positive Note: Today I am grateful for Jessica’s wonderful dance teacher and the many volunteers for their hours of hard work; for parents who made practice and rehearsals a priority; all helping to make the evening so much fun for the kids. Kids having fun while learning about discipline and gaining self-confidence. How cool is that?


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3 Responses to The Nutcracker

  1. skimhenson says:

    I love ballet! And the Nutcracker is magical. What wonderful memories – I’m feeling grateful along with you.

    • The entire production was very well done, but the cutest part of all was the little three year old that danced with her little white blanket (at least it matched her tutu). I love watching kids dance, even when they aren’t related to me!

  2. Comments left on Facebook…

    Linda Fischer Froehlick: Agnes I know just what you mean – my turn is this Saturday. Katie is also a mouse plus a Ginger.

    Agnes: Have a great time watching Katie! Being a grandma is the best!

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