Which Way Are You Looking

At the beginning of every year, it is common to take time to measure the year just ended before making your New Year’s Resolutions; to look back to see how your life has changed.

 As I am reviewing the past year, I will briefly look at the way my life changed in 2010. What did I accomplish? What did I learn? What mistakes did I make that I don’t want to repeat? What can I leave behind?

I am not going to spend too much time looking at what was on the road behind me, at what I could have done, at what I should have done, or what could have been.

I do not have to meticulously examine every step that I’ve taken to move forward in this new season of life. It may be necessary to glance in the rear-view mirror to gain a perspective of where I am right now, but focusing on the road in front of me is what will take me to my destination.

Ending on a Positive Note: Instead of looking at what is behind or longing to go back, and understanding I can’t change the past will move me forward to new possibilities; to see how God is going to use my life this year.


About Agnes Spurlock

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and perspectives about the simple, everyday life. I truly believe that the ordinary days are where we find the real joy in our lives. Make every day count!
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3 Responses to Which Way Are You Looking

  1. skimhenson says:

    Love it! And so true.

    Also a good reminder.

  2. Cinda Gorman says:

    My January Western Hills Press column has this same take — great minds on the same track?

  3. Kim & Cinda, thanks for the comments!

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