Life Comes At You Fast

Nationwide Insurance has great commercials that carry the theme of “Life Comes At You Fast.” This last week gave me a good idea of what the commercial can really mean.

Friday, January 21st we took our daughter to the ER. She had been experiencing bad stomach cramps and couldn’t keep any food or drink down. After hours of giving her pain and nausea medication and running tests, they admitted her at 11:30 p.m. Early Saturday morning they did emergency surgery and found colon cancer. They feel confident they were able to remove all of the cancer and expect her to fully recover.

We were blindsided and we sort of felt like life had come at us fast and stopped us cold. The word cancer is such a terrifying word, but the doctors all have commented that our daughter’s positive attitude will do as much for her recovery as her upcoming chemo and radiation treatments.

After our daughter gets all her facts and understands what she is dealing with, she can be quite resilient, but she has a tough road in front of her. I’m so proud of her as to the way she has reacted to such an overwhelming situation, but realizing the enormity of the situation may bring her down once reality sets in.

We continue to rely on a God that supplies comfort and strength. We know that He is in control, but it is so difficult when things happen to your kids – I am much better at handling things happening to me. 

Our family and friends (some we haven’t seen for years) have rallied round with lots of love, prayer and support. It is so comforting to know there are so many people in our corner thinking of us and praying for our family.  We are blessed beyond measure!

Ending on a Positive Note: Life can come at us fast, but if we allow God to be in control He can bring us through any situation. Slow down and don’t take life for granted!

May not be posting for a while as I take care of my daughter during healing and recovery. I would appreciate your prayers!


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3 Responses to Life Comes At You Fast

  1. skimhenson says:

    Wow, you’re right…reading your post “came at me fast” so I can’t imagine how you must feel. And a mother just aches when one of her kids is hurting. Oh, I feel for you and her. I’m praying for your daughter, you and the family to find strength and peace while dealing with this. Or “healing through this” – a friend likes to remind me when I talk about dealing. Please stay in touch when you can and let me know how you and she are doing. I pray life is gentle for all of you.

  2. Kim, appreciate the prayers and love your friend’s thinking about healing through instead of dealing with the situation. Will post updates frequently. Thanks for the support.

  3. Comments left on Facebook
    Christa Alsip Juhlman: Agnes I love to read your posts. You have a perfect way of putting things. I am so glad to hear that Sherry has a positive attitude through this whole thing. No surprise at all!
    love and prayers,

    Agnes: Thanks Christa – glad you enjoy them and thanks for the prayers!

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