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As some of you know I have been experiencing back pain for some time. On May 23rd I ended up going to the hospital with severe back pain and non-stop vomiting. Emergency Room doctors found a bladder infection and lesions … Continue reading

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Last year at this time, I chose to resume writing my simple blog about my everyday life. I committed to taking what came my way and promised myself to accept what I couldn’t control. 2017 was filled with lots of … Continue reading

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Christmas Poem

  What is Christmas? What can it be? Can I feel it or is it something I can see? Is it in the air? Is it something I can hear? Is it magic? Is it really everywhere? Is Christmas tall, … Continue reading

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A Perfect Christmas

Last Sunday, got out my Christmas bins so I could start decorating our little apartment, knowing it would take me some time to accomplish the transformation. I’m so slow these days. Even the simplest of tasks zaps my get-up-and-go and … Continue reading

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Sight vs. Vision

Ever notice how life changes without our permission? No matter how well we plan, how disciplined we are, life can change in an instant. The only real constant in life is change. Some months ago, my eyes started getting fuzzy. … Continue reading

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Special Women’s Retreats

Yesterday, I did something I hadn’t done since April 2011, I was a guest speaker at a women’s retreat. Occasionally I receive requests asking if I still do speaking engagements saying I was recommended by a friend who heard me speak … Continue reading

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Looking for Good

Some years ago, I began to intentionally look for the positive things in my simple, everyday life. I found saying thank you for small kindnesses or letting people know I appreciated them for doing their job well, was very rewarding. … Continue reading

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