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End of an Era

This past week, the evening news and social media have been filled with pictures of a wrecking ball and giant claws ripping apart a landmark building that symbolized happy times in my life. Cincinnati Gardens, a 25,000-square foot indoor arena … Continue reading

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Significant Lessons

“Not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever. Sometimes they are only there long enough to teach you the lessons you needed to learn.” After spending some time in January cleaning out closets, I’m finally getting around to … Continue reading

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Last year at this time, I chose to resume writing my simple blog about my everyday life. I committed to taking what came my way and promised myself to accept what I couldn’t control. 2017 was filled with lots of … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Anyone on Facebook is used to seeing those posts that tell us how concerned Facebook is about us. Telling us Facebook thinks we would appreciate seeing a memory from some forgotten past date. The memories are usually happy ones; showing … Continue reading

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The Right Moves

Tom and I attended a Holiday Dance Recital on Saturday afternoon. We thought we were going to watch our youngest granddaughter dance, but Jess explained the recital had a different focus than usual. It was going to be a fun afternoon … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Kindness

Anyone dislike Daylight Savings Time, besides me? Looking at the rain coming down in buckets, watching the wind strip the leaves from the tree right outside my office window, it seems to go from daylight to darkness in a nanosecond. … Continue reading

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Celebrating Connection

I sit preparing a short agenda and notes for facilitating the two-month-old discussion group in our apartment complex. Community Connection is a fun afternoon, sort of like a book club, only with a twist!  Sort of like a Meet-n-Greet, only a … Continue reading

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